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Greetings to all of you, dear readers.

In this piece I am going to present you the elements of work on creation and strengthening of the probability lines.

Threads of Odu voodoo magic

Fist, take a piece of white cloth and write the probability line that you need on it. Use black ink when writing. It is recommended that you write about specific events. For instance, if you want to get promoted, and in the current probability line you are not supposed to get that, step by step you write about how your boss calls you, the conversation itself and the salary you want. It will be better if you visualize the images.

The second type of cases are the love lines. You need divide the image you have into the sub-tasks. For example, the wedding. How you meet the man, what are the events that follow. If you already know the man, then write how exactly will your relationships develop.

On the first night when the moon is young you take a stoneware or an earthenware pot, pour milk and then honey (those should be taken in equal parts), then add a drop of blood. Then you need to write the fist mund on the side of the pot. After that, you read the line you wrote on the cloth to the milk, fold in four and cover the pot. The cloth needs to be quite big so that you could wrap the pot and tie. On the second night you take off the cloth, write the second mund to the right from the first, read the line to the milk and then cover the pot with the cloth fold in four.

On the third and the fourth night you repeat the procedure for the third and the fourth mund. In the end, the munds need to be written on four sides of the pot.

On the fifth night you wrap the pot in the cloth so that everything you have written is inside. Then you tie the edges over the neck and dig the bundle under the tree.

Until the fool moon the work will be starting up.

For love lines, I would suggest to make ‘connections’ to the object first.

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© Reading of the munds was done by Master Master Svetlana Grabovskaya

Original: Threads of Odu.

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    1. Горшок без крышки. Чем больше будет горшок, тем больше нужен отрез ткани. Размер не имеет значения, в данном случае. Однако удобнее работать с малым объемом.

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