Erzulie Freda`s Hot-Air Balloon Magic

Erzulie Freda`s Hot-Air Balloon Magic voodoo magic

This article is dedicated to Erzulie Freda`s love sigils.

How does all this work? Very simple. For working with these elements the things that matter are increscent moon and the airspace.

The sigils should be burned and scattered to the wind from the height or into the height (you can use a Chinese flying lantern for this).

  1. Blessing for working with love magic.
  2. Wedding, marriage, alliance.
  3. Conception.
  4. Making the third party step away; helps to find a way out of a love triangle.
  5. Suppression of a partner (zombieing).
  6. Element of an attraction magic. Love to the grave.
  7. Relationship ending.

© Reading done by Grabovskaya.

Original:  Erzulie Freda`s Hot-Air Balloon Magic

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